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Who we are

The heritage of the textile archive Rose Unite includes over 300,000 samples from the Eighteenth century to the Eighties; Rose Unite has been looking after textile artefacts and documents since 1985. Each and every sector of the textile district is featured: printed specimens, embroidered jacquard and original patterns on paper. Marta Pezzati, owning the archive collection and worthy representative of this time-honored tradition of the family, has been carrying out their quest for beauty whilst living and working in Como on the eponymous lake. This fabulous town is widely renowned thanks to full-scale fashion design, bespoke furniture, luxury motor boats and silk manufacturing. Computerizing of the archive will promote the use of the images outside the textile world, retaining the wholeness of the collection and keeping original samples together. Thousands of images from a time past when quality was the buzzword and craftsmanship guaranteed the elegance of the product are now available for download, to be re-interpreted following today’s tastes and style.

What we sell

mac-ru Our collection of images aims to be an important source of inspiration for countless creative and manufacturing activities. For a speedier process, you will be able to directly download and work on high definition images. Our strength lies in the unique aesthetics of our offer which sets us apart from the standard online purchasing platforms by setting our data base on a par with the best artistic design. Our photos may be used for digital printing on textiles, pottery decoration, furniture design, accessories and furnishings, paper, décor cardboard and gift-wrapping paper, jewelry, gift and fancy goods of great value, as well as woodwork or DIY. The potential of our archive will cater for all your needs or your craving for beauty.